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Ana Batla Mart

A one-stop solution to all your hygiene needs

Ana Batla Mart

A one-stop solution to all your hygiene needs

Our products are created with ample research and insights keeping in view the needs of our customers and the value we can add to their comfort. We aim to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your hygiene needs.

Nofea Maxi Thick Long - 9 PadsNofea Maxi Thick Extra Long - 16 PadsNofea Maxi Thick Extra Long - 26 PadsNofea Ultra Long - 32 PadsNofea Maxi Thick Long - 30 Pads

No more Drama!

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Discover your pack of comfort with Nofea's range of pads. These sanitary napkins are safe and comfortable to use for ALL women.

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Momse Diapers - XXL-6 (Trainee) 15kg plus Mega Pack 60 PcsMomse Diapers - XL-5 (Junior) 12-17kg Mega Pack 68 PcsMomse Diapers - L-4 (Maxi) 9-14kg Mega Pack 72 PcsMomse Wipes - Regular 66 PcsMomse Wipes - Premium 72 Pcs

No leakage!

Stay Safe with Momse

Made with the softest materials, these range of diapers are designed to provide the ultimate comfort for your little one.

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Bona Papa Magic Wipes - Extra Soft Towels 72 PcsBona Papa Magic Diapers - L-4 (Maxi) 9-13kg Mega Pack 80 PcsBona Papa Magic Wipes - Extra Soft Towels 24 PcsBona Papa Magic Diapers - XL-5 (Junior) 13kg plus Mega Pack 72 PcsBona Papa Magic Diapers - NB-1 Below 4kg Economy Pack 50 Pcs

Brand new

Bona Papa to the Rescue

These ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent diapers and pants will keep your baby dry and happy at all times.

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Nana Smarty Diapers - XXL-6 Economy Pack 26 PcsNana Smarty Diapers - XL-5 (Junior) Economy Pack 32 PcsNana Smarty Diapers - L-4 (Maxi) Economy Pack 36 PcsNana Smarty Diapers - M-3 (Midi) Economy Pack 40 PcsNana Smarty Diapers - S-2 (Mini) Economy Pack 44 Pcs

A good night's sleep!

Happy Baby with NaNa

Ensure your baby gets the best possible protection day and night with Nana Smarty's premium-quality baby diapers.

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Don't take our word for it


Nofea’s pads are
really good, especially when it comes to comfort and quality and the best thing
is that they don’t have any fragrance so it's not harsh on the skin and doesn't
give rashes at all.

Hafsah Mureed

Karachi, Pakistan


I highly recommend
both Momse and Bona Papa baby diapers! Both are super soft on the skin and my
baby hasn’t had any rashes in months now. Really great quality!

Aisha Iftikhar

Lahore, Pakistan


I am very satisfied
with Nana Smarty’s baby diapers. Not only are they super-absorbent, but also
very easy to both put on and get off. It really saves so much time!

Sadia Khan

Karachi, Pakistan


Using Nofea has made me feel so much better. Their Ultra-Thin pads are so light
and comfortable that I don’t even feel that I’m wearing them. I see myself
using Nofea’s products for a long time to come!

Hamna Siddiqui

Islamabad, Pakistan


My baby’s very fussy
during the night but ever since I started using Momse’s diapers, he’s been so
much better. The diapers are really good quality and so comfortable to use. I
recommend them to all my friends now!

Urooj Amjad

Multan, Pakistan